July Mini-Budget: The devil will be in the detail says In-Comm Training

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In-Comm Training & Buisness Services Managing Director Bekki Phillips has responded to the statement made yesterday by the Chancellor that has a strong focus on apprenticeships.

 “Any funding that goes directly to companies to encourage them to take on apprenticeships is welcome, but we need to see the full details to see what a difference this will make to businesses and their recruitment intentions.

“Firms are already receiving a £1000 grant to take on 16-18-year-old apprentices so we’re presuming the £2000 announced is on top of that or does it replace it? Likewise, can this be used in tandem with the Kickstart scheme, designed to get more young people back into work? If it can be, then this really is a gamechanger.

“With over 700 apprentices currently being trained at our three academies, we wanted to see specific support about protecting those currently studying so their jobs are safeguarded.

“The bonus for bringing a furloughed worker back could help in a small way, but I think we needed a bit more. We also wanted to see the Government look at funding a programme-led approach to apprenticeships, where we could train young people up to Level 2 and then find them an employer at the end – hopefully when the economy has picked back up again.”

In-Comm Training was featured on Heart FM’s news bulletins and live on LBC national radio talking about our views on Rishi Sunak’s proposals.

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