Salop Design & Engineering press ahead with help from In-Comm Training


In-Comm have been working with the pressings sector since its birth in 1982 and still delivers programmes to companies they partnered with over 3 decades ago. The team of specialists continually train, consult and maintain organisations compliance with legislation through Power Press Regulation courses and NVQ programmes.

Gareth Jones, Operations Director at In-Comm said "we increase employee's competency by enhancing the two key ingredients that are needed, knowledge and experience." Our programmes are designed to not only teach, but guide candidates through putting their education into practice."

Chris Greenough of Salop Design & Engineering, a long term partner of In-Comm said "It can not be stressed enough, the value of training and skills in a highly competitive and fast paced industry, such as Manufacturing in the UK today."

"Salop teamed up with In-Comm over a decade ago to ensure it was compliant with legislation for power press setter/operator training, but also to ensure a firm training plan was in place to predict skills gaps and plug them through Apprenticeships and Up-Skilling of existing staff."

"We at Salop have put many of our staff through training and NVQ programmes with In-Comm and are seeing real benefits. Staff are engaged in Improvement Techniques and empowered to take ownership of their working procedures and environment."

For further information, please contact Gareth Jones on 01922 457686, [email protected] or visit You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter at @incomm_training

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